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The ICE solutions will be implemented and tested on two real pilot demonstration sites (Ushant Island and the University of East Anglia campus) to validate their feasibility and develop a more generic and transferable methodology for the design and implementation of a local smart energy system adapted to isolated territories.


Each site presents its own characteristics.

The island of Ushant is not connected to the mainland power grid, the energy being mainly produced by fuel consumption generation, and benefits from the connection to a tidal turbine generating Marine Energy.

The UEA’s sustainable campus is equipped with low energy buildings as well as energy efficiency technologies.


To sum up, the UEA will provide knowledge Smart Grid applications to Ushant and the Ushant demonstration will transfer expertise about isolated energy supply which is very useful since UEA is considering off-grid operation. The key element will be the mutual learning and capacity building between Ushant and the UEA.


Ushant Island

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