Call for tender: Smart Connected Objects

The SDEF is one of the partners of the ICE project of the European program Interreg France-England, which aims to design and implement for the isolated territories of the English Channel area, and in particular Ushant (FR), intelligent solutions in terms of energy by the deployment of “smart-grid”.

The energy transition from Ushant to reach autonomy is supported by the deployment of renewable electricity production facilities, such as a tidal turbine in the Fromveur Passage, or photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of public buildings.

The key issue of the energy transition lies in the synchronization of demand with production, which is intermittent by nature.

The SDEF launch an unprecedented experiment: communicating the status of the electricity network to inhabitants in real time using connected objects that will display a color (green, yellow or red). The volunteers to this experiment will become actors in the energy transition of the island by shifting certain consumption at favourable times, that is to say during low demand and high renewable production.

Answer our call for tender before June 25th, 2020

Call for expression of interest

Looking for new opportunities to implement your smart- energy efficient solutions in isolated grids? Join the ICE community and get the ICE label!

Have a look at the ICE Expression of Interest and learn more about the ICE certification process!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s INTERREG V A France (Channel) England Research and Innovation Programme.

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