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This ICE labeled business consortium gathers together both research and business support organizations and efficiently benefits from the complementarity between French and UK partners in terms of knowledge, technology and business development. The UK's dominant position in the offshore wind industry and investments in energy storage research and demonstration complement the solid French scientific and industrial base provided by the marine and energy sectors. The partnership will particularly benefit from Brittany's large expertise and industrial assets in Marine Energy (first tidal turbine connected to the national grid in France), UoE and UoP’s experience with Marine Energy, energy consumer behavior and UEA's engagement in sustainability actions (work areas include energy-saving projects, sustainability network, capital investment, building recommissioning, enhanced maintenance). The involvement of local and EU SMEs will further support their competitiveness and foster the transnational and European cooperation.

Please find here an organization chart of all the partners involved in the project.


To deliver an innovative and transferable solution, partners from both sides of the Channel will collaborate in carrying out a comprehensive analysis of current and potential resources available in the two territories and cooperate in defining energy efficiency models. Implementation activity will take place in two differing sites (a French island and a British island community) thus further enabling partners to share knowledge on existing technologies and to work together to build a mature commercial offer based on joint implementation (pooling of French and British expertise) and complementary infrastructures. Developing solutions in two different regulatory frameworks will increase methodological robustness.

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