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The partners have worked together for 2 years to prepare the ICE project. During this period, the project content was defined, as well as the partnership and the involvement of each organization. Meetings have been held to discuss the project structure, the actions and the expected outputs. Several changes appeared: the consortium slightly changed, the project life was extended of one year, and Sabella turbine was prepared for exploitation. A good project preparation will ensure that the project is implemented in the more efficient way. To know more about the various activities held in the ICE project, please click on each phase in the chart below.

Assessing current and future community energy conditions

Activity T1 considers target communities’ energy context in depth and from numerous perspectives. It will produce a detailed case study setting out an approach to securing community energy supply while capturing local economic opportunities and which is acceptable to community inhabitants. It will develop local expertise to inform development of independent energy communities elsewhere. This activity’s outputs will inform a Transferable Methodology Model (TMM) to enable our approach to be generalized to a much wider set of communities in different territories, and which will be delivered in Activity T2. It will account for existing methodologies including a general review of resources, technologies, regulation and socio-economic acceptability in EU territories. It will gather input data including:

  • Peak and general demand profile,

  • Existing energy supply and capacity,

  • Energy efficiency potential,

  • Exploitable resources (wind, tide, wave, sun, etc.),

  • Social, environmental and legal constraints,

  • Demand side management applications,

  • Potential for smart technology application.

It will consider:

  • Energy security and target reliabilities,

  • Design of Energy Management System,

  • Technological Selection,

  • Life cycle analysis of options for comparative environmental impact.


UoE will lead on Activity T1 with input from UoP, SDEF, MSE, TBI and PMBA as their skills are required. The task will be informed by the numerous renewable energy island projects, which act as excellent precursor work for this Smart Grid project.

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